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Participation Requirements

Athlete/ Parent Commitment

We here at Carolina Elite expect all participants to attend all scheduled practices as well as competitions.  Emergencies are an exception.  If participants are unable to attend classes or competition, they must notify CES as soon as possible.  If a participant is unable to attend a competition, we ask that they still attend class due to changes that may be made in the routine for upcoming competitions that they will be participating in.  We expect that all athletes give a 100% in practice and competition. 

Attitudes and Teamwork

CES will not tolerate any kind of Disrespect.  If anyone shows any form of disrespect towards our coaching staff, administration, parents, fellow team member or displays poor sportsmanship WILL BE DISMISSED FROM THE PROGRAM IMMEDIATELY!!  There is absolutely no tolerance for jealousy of other team members, gossiping, cliques, and laziness.  If these rules are violated, they will pay the consequences.

Items Needed for Practice

T-shirts, shorts, and dance shoes for all teams.  Leotards for jazz and ballet classes.  Please make sure all participants have something to drink.  If participant doesn't have the proper attire they will not be able to practice.

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